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“When I was growing up, kids were to be seen and not heard. That has slowly changed over the years, and now I love to hear what the youth has to say. That’s why I still own this team. Everyone has something to bring to the table.” – Mike Rosenzweig


Baseball enthusiast and owner of the Duluth Huskies, Mike Rosenzweig, has had the same mission since 2011 – give back to the youth. It’s this sense of community that makes the Huskies one of Duluth’s premiere athletics team. Headquartered at iconic Wade Stadium on the outer edge of Lincoln Park, the Huskies serve as an intermediary between West Duluth and East Duluth.


“Duluth started here. This is where the city began.”


Who would have thought that an old WPA project dating back to 1941 would eventually become a fulcrum for a thriving cultural Duluth ecosystem? The mission of the ball team extends out further than ticket sales, a packed stadium, and a few trophies. The mission begins and ends with contributing towards the community and adding a necessary zeal to its constituents.


“We try to up our game every year. We pay attention to our fans.” – Greg Culver, GM


So what’s new with the Huskies? Turns out a lot! Aside from the additions to the coaching staff and rosters, the organization expects to see growth in all aspects. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Wade Witas well, a collaboration with Lincoln Park’s very own Bent Paddle Brewery that’s sure to quench your thirst on any hot summer’s afternoon! Visit the Duluth Huskies website at https://northwoodsleague.com/duluth-huskies/ for more information on ticket sales and other local happenings.



Get ready for the show!


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