This Weekend on the Arctic Riviera!

Are you depressed because winter where you live is a "no show"? Is snow a fabled substance that lightly falls from the sky only in Hollywood movies? Well, here in the Northland on the Arctic Riviera, Duluth, Minnesota's Lake Superior Shores ... Cold is the new Cool!

Here are just a few possible activities you could enjoy this weekend in Duluth:

  • Great Lakes Pond Hockey Championship (January 27 to 29)
    Pond hockey is the game you played as a child! Small teams of men and woman compete on the Lake Superior ice for the right to be called "champion"! Watch the Pond Hockey movie trailer.
  • John Beargrease Sled Dog┬áMarathon (411 mile race starts January 29)
    John Beargrease was a Native American who delivered the mail in the early years of the Northland by sled dog. Now, years later, some of North American's top mushers compete and chase his memory while they race the North Shore Wilderness up to the Canadian border and back.
  • Surf Lake Superior at Stoney Point (or watch!)
    If the wind is howling out of the Northeast, head just up the shore from Duluth to Stoney Point and watch the "coolest" surfers in the world!
  • Go Owling for Snowies or the Gray Ghost of the Forest
    Birders from around the world come to the Sax-Zim Bog just north of Duluth to find rare Arctic birds which Richard Bong Airport to view Snowy Owls. Remember, owls are a night time hunter. Plan to arrive on site 30 to 60 minutes before sundown.

Your author and photographer for this blog post is Rich Hoeg, Destination Duluth's Board Chair. In addition to leading our team, Rich loves hiking the area's forests with his camera. Consider browsing over to his blog, 365DaysOfBirds.

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