The Money Shot

By Michael DeWitt - Poor Dog Photography

There is a reason I’ve only shot one sunrise from Devil’s Island in the Apostle Islands. It requires a ridiculously early wake up call, a long lonely drive up the Bayfield, Wisconsin Peninsula and a 18 mile boat ride (in the dark) through the islands. Oddly enough, that is also part of the appeal.

08_31_16 Mike DeWitt

© Mike DeWitt. Used with permission.

My friend, Andy Matheus and I were in desperate need of an adventure. It had been nearly two full weeks without an excursion to the Apostle Islands. The forecast was sketchy; fog and overcast skies. We found ourselves launching our boat at a very empty and deserted launch in Red Cliff. As we motored out into the first channel, we waited to see what The Big Lake had in store for us; calm seas in every direction! We plotted a course and let the waning crescent moon illuminate our path between the islands. Arriving on the east side of Devil’s Island well before sunrise, we quickly found “the sweet spot” we had scouted earlier this summer. There we sat and waited. Perched in a sea cave. Hoping the fog would lift and the approaching cloud bank would stall before it reached the eastern horizon.

“You pay your money and you take your chances,” the old saying goes. We had lost sleep, invested many hours and considerable effort to get exactly to the place we were, without any guarantees.. We waited. We watched. We wondered. There was nothing more than a sliver of clear sky between the clouds and the horizon as the sun began to rise. Then the magic happened. Otherworldly light. It lasted less than two minutes.

Was it worth it? Yes! No price tag exists for a sweet “Money Shot.”
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