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When people talk about Duluth as America’s Outdoor Adventure City, a distinction given to Duluth from Outside Magazine’s Best Town contest, they naturally think of the many ways our incredible natural resources intersect with the lives and values of the people who live here.

Positive Energy Outdoors is a not-for-profit organization with a clear mission:  encouraging people and animal powered exploration of the outdoors with an emphasis on teamwork, healthy risk-taking, and positive communication.  Positive Energy Outdoors is a vital regional ambassador and one of the important and exciting reasons why families should consider Duluth a destination not just for vacations, but a destination for life.

PEO’s programming offers the excitement people expect from outdoor recreation adventures—dog sledding, kayaking, rock climbing, skijoring, camping, and more—but there’s a value component as well.  Positive Energy Outdoors actively helps people thrive through outdoor education—a blend of physical skill building, positive social interactions and time in nature.  The organization’s founders, Stephanie Love and Blake Cazier, have established themselves as experts in the field of outdoor education — and are some of the most experienced instructors and consultants about maximizing the outdoor experience as an educational opportunity in our region.  Young children and teens are given the tools outdoors to become natural and capable future leaders.  Younger children learn from their teen peers and teens learn how to responsibly mentor and act as leaders for those younger than they are.  Adults take time to recharge and reconnect while letting go of screens and stress.


Positive Energy Outdoors helps participants of all ages learn to value the outdoors and share how to become more responsible stewards of the natural world we find all around us in Duluth and the region.  The instructors of Positive Energy Outdoors and the thousands of people it serves every year do that while having a lot of fun with youth and teen camps, mushing with an incredible kennel of sled dogs the community loves, working with area schools and youth serving organizations, and visiting preschools to encourage a lifetime of outdoor exploration and adventure.

Both Stephanie and Blake are proud to have chosen Duluth as their destination for life.  They’re even more proud to live at that perfect intersection where their love and passion for outdoor adventure meets their values as professional outdoor educators.

Positive Energy Outdoors welcomes you to get positive and feel the energy.  Catch us online at outdooredventures.org.

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