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O’ganics Farmers Market, ran and owned by Mark Howard, is the nation’s first $1 organic foods store.  Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, this storefront offers a variety of produce such as carrots, kale, red beets, potatoes, melons, and much more.  Mark takes pride in being the largest produce farmer north of Brainerd with 300 acres of land dedicated to his non-toxic produce.

Mark comes from a long line of farmers originating from Ireland who moved to Duluth years ago.  Growing up he commercially fished, but being in Duluth, quality fish can be limited in the summer months.  He decided to go the produce route for his career, giving locals quality food.  His lower prices for organic produce stem from growing local.  There is a limited cost of transportation and no money spent on fertilizers and chemicals on the plants.  He manages the weeds in his fields with “a date with a hoe” and hard work.

At O’ganics they believe that everyone should have the right to eat healthy at an affordable cost.  Money should not be an issue in getting healthy foods, this is why their produce is not sold to other grocery stores.  O’ganics wants their prices to be fair and not raised by bigger corporations.  The storefront itself is sourced with reusable and recycled materials, and Mark building everything by hand.

They run on a customer supported agriculture system or CSA.  CSA members pay a flat fee of $50 a year to be able to purchase all their needed produce.  Stay up to date on hours of operation on the O’ganics Facebook page.  Mark is also looking for summer help and offers possible internship opportunities.  Living simply, so others may simply live is a motto Mark lives by that transfers into his company.  If you agree with this, support locally grown foods, or want affordable produce check O'ganics out!

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