A Night Out With Ellipsis: Local Music

10169319_10105334617645410_3430728616216191357_nWhen we moved to Duluth I didn’t anticipate how quickly we would make new friends. Additionally, the friendships and people we have met are some of the most genuine people out there. These people also possess the entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the desire to make Duluth into their own personal dream world. And here, in a town of 89,000, it’s easier than you think to personalize Duluth to your liking.

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Mayor Ness has always been a proud supporter of local music and Ellipsis.

Brittany Sanford was one of the first people I met when we moved here. Actually, Aaron and I met Brittany at the “Meet Patty Duke” event during the Duluth Superior Film Festival. That’s also when I was introduced to Ellipsis, Brittany’s outlet via Facebook and Twitter to inform followers of local music and art events around Duluth.

I began to see Brittany at different events around town and noticed she knew the same people I did, as is the way it goes in a small town. We really got to know each other when we came together with other Duluth entrepreneurs to figure out how to boost our online community. That’s when Brittany had an idea for Destination Duluth.

20141122_002302She suggested I have other Duluthians take me out and show me what Duluth is to them. A brilliant idea! When Brittany was getting ready to move to Minneapolis a couple of years back, she had different friends show her what Duluth meant to them. Thankfully she came back after just a couple of months in the big city so she could share this idea with me.

Obviously the first installment has to be from Brittany’s Ellipsis Duluth Presents: My Duluth party she threw over the weekend. So, here’s what Duluth is to Brittany, creator and manager of Ellipsis:

Brittany’s Duluth is a love for all things local, especially music. But not just one genre of music!

20141122_011449My Duluth was hosted at the Red Herring, Duluth’s newest music venue. Brittany gathered three of some of her favorite bands as the lineup for the evening:

The evening was a compilation of local music, door prizes donated by businesses Brittany has promoted via Ellipsis throughout the year, and hosted at a locally owned bar.


Brittany & Mayor Ness announcing door prize winners.

Using Ellipsis, Brittany shares with us daily all of her favorite things around Duluth. Her My Duluth party was a successful compilation of some of her favorite Duluth things so she could share them with us face to face. Hundreds of Duluthians came together that night to support Brittany and local music.

The Red Herring was packed from 10pm – 2am because Brittany saw a need for someone in town to promote local music and art in Duluth. She took the reins and created Ellipsis. Over the last year, she has grown her Twitter following to over 750. That’s the kind of thing that’s possible in Duluth. There are opportunities if you create them and there are people to support your dream.


Ellipsis has become a real live fixture for our local music community. Stay tuned; big things are coming for Brittany.


Congratulations Brittany on your success with Ellipsis!

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