Lived In California, Found Her Destiny In Duluth


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After 15 years away from Duluth, Jamie Lind moved back in February, 2014. Coming from California, it wasn’t her choice, and so she put a time limit of 3 years on her stay here. But after only 6 months, she says she could see herself in Duluth indefinitely. Here’s Jamie’s story of why she came back and what’s getting her to stay.

When she was 16, Jamie’s brother got married and started having kids. She was living here with her parents and attending Central High School. However, her brother and his family lived in Arizona. Because her parents wanted to be near their grandkids, they uprooted and they moved Jamie to Phoenix. A few years later Jamie moved again and found herself loving life in California as a tech in an ER and getting into film production and attending the latest shows.

Eventually Jamie’s parents moved back to Duluth without her. Aside from visiting, she never saw herself back in Duluth. But it was family, again, who got her to relocate. Her mother’s fatal illness made it more important than ever for Jamie to be near family.

“This year was a fluke.”

Moving here to be near her mother in the last months of her life during one of the coldest winters on record definitely wasn’t in Jamie's plan. But she made the very intentional decision to make the most of it.

Through getting out and about in the community, Jamie rediscovered how great the people are. Initially she was worried she would be stuck at home with nothing to do. However, almost immediately, Jamie was able to get involved with Renegade Theater Company to help out with auditions and had the honor of helping with Homegrown this year.

“Duluth has been completely, shockingly amazing.”

Especially with the support Jamie has received in opening her own yoga studio, Yoga Health. She brings together her medical expertise, passion for natural healing, and entrepreneurial spirit to create fun and intense classes. Jamie describes Duluth as a place where small business owners can thrive.

“The community is strong and I’m so excited to see what happens when people work together.”

To Jamie, community and family are at the forefront of her mind this year, not money. Her goal with her business and in the Duluth community is to see what’s possible when the limit of money isn’t the focus. She has set her intention for the year on creativity, inspiration, and music. Duluth is the breeding ground for all of that and the perfect place to see what can happen.

Jamie followed her destiny and it brought her to Duluth. She’s so thankful for following this new path, as she can get involved with this second renaissance Duluth is experiencing. It’s amazing what happens when intentions are focused on passion.


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