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Duluth’s Best Bread, a quaint bakery located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, truly lives up to its name. Robert and Michael Lillegard opened the bakery in October of 2015 and have kept their ovens warm ever since.  The brothers chose the bakery's location based off the fact the space used to be a Pizza Parlor, and amenities such as the deck oven and kitchen space were already set up. They now love being part of the craft district in Lincoln Park and being right down the street from Duluth Grill on 27th and 3rd Street.  

Michael, at a crossroads for his career path, decided he wanted to pursue something hard and interesting like opening a bakery.  Michael obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, which was “hard and boring.” With business guidance from his brother Robert, the duo has found great success taking a childhood fantasy and making it their reality.  

After baking all night from 11 p.m. -4 p.m the following day, the excitement of seeing fresh baked bread in the morning is worth it. Michael takes pride in the baker’s skills they have acquired for crafting loaves with such a high moisture content.  European sourdough loaves of bread, German pretzels, croissants, and multitudes of gourmet homemade poptarts are what you should expect when walking into the bakery.

The two brothers stress the importance of natural ingredients with each loaf only containing flour, salt, water, and wild yeast.  The bakery itself is only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 6 a.m. - 1 p.m, but the local Whole Foods Co-ops carry their bread while local eateries and breweries like Hoops Brewing, Blacklist Brewing, and Endion Station sport their Big Fat German Pretzels.  Next time you feel the urge for a ginormous pretzel or some fresh baked bread buy local at Duluth’s Best Bread!

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