“Grandma’s Garden” – A Duluth produced Children’s TV program

Destination Duluth loves to share neat entrepreneurial projects that are happening in our community. One such project is a labor of love and entrepreneurship and speaks to this great place we call home. The project is called “Grandma’s Garden” and is a great program for children.

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“Grandma’s Garden” is an educational television program geared toward children three to eight years old. The program focuses on equipping children to live healthy and productive lives, teaching them how to engage with their environment and their caretakers in meaningful ways.

The desire to raise healthy families is stronger today than ever, and healthy families mean healthy communities. ”Grandma's Garden” is designed to help in that effort. A thirty minute episode will focus on four components; the arts, our feelings, at-home family activities, and a visit to a magical garden, all with the goal of providing good seeds for growing a healthier world.

"Grandma's Garden" fills a need in children's television programming by providing warm and welcoming educational entertainment that advocates for children and their families. Through music, song, story-telling and friendly characters, "Grandma" offers children creative tools for living healthy, productive lives in our world today.

Our pilot episode is complete and we are now on to the business of marketing this idea, finding the right venue for letting the world know about “Grandma’s Garden”. If you’d like to view the pilot episode, click here.  Check out the Grandma's Garden website at  grandmasgarden.tv

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