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Canal Park Brewery

Duluth, MN is one of those magical places one doesn’t truly understand until you experience it for yourself. That’s what the Outside Magazine competition got me thinking about anyway. When scrolling through the comments on the page where visitors cast their vote for the best outside city to live in, residents and lovers of their respective towns – Duluth vs. Provo – have posted some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen, along with lengthy descriptions as to explain why they love Duluth or Provo.

Obviously I voted for Duluth and regularly encouraged others to do so on various social media platforms. At the same time, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around why anyone would choose to live in Provo. The pictures of the city look beautiful, but of a beautiful desert with some serious urban sprawl. Like many people who choose to live in Duluth, I choose water and greenery over mountains. But it got me thinking; people from Provo likely have the same thoughts about Duluth.

An opportunity to share our town.

I think different preferences about a place have more to do than the water vs. mountains debate. I think it’s a vibe issue and how much a person has experienced a place. Luckily a group of friends got together that had the same thought process and decided to build a successful company on that principle, The Duluth Experience.

The Duluth Experience is a tour company that bought their first bus in 2013. They have spent the last year giving tours of local breweries and recently added a distillery in Canal Park. Since then they have hired nine employees and have added a host of other activities so tourist can have a real Duluth experience:

  • Kayak tours
  • History tours
  • Biking tours

So, whether you’re a local or a visitor from the other side of the world, The Duluth Experience are the people you need to contact in order to get your real Duluth experience. Book online for your summer vacation today!

Destination Duluth is proud to have The Duluth Experience as just one of the local businesses creating opportunities to share our beautiful city. We’re proud of our city all year long, and we invite you to visit Duluth. You may just decide to visit for life!

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