Duluth Indoor Sports Center: A New Home for Sports

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Arrowhead Tennis Center has proudly been the home of indoor tennis courts in Duluth since 1972, but the time has come for a revamping.  In November of 2017 the building’s management and name changed, now sporting the name Duluth Indoor Sports Center or DISC. Prior the facility was centered around tennis, but now is the home of MN North Volleyball and has pickleball leagues, catering to more athlete’s needs.  The University of Minnesota Duluth, College of St. Scholastica, and UW-Superior tennis teams continue to practice here, but with rapid growth of MN North, the organization needed to say goodbye to their old home Marshall High School, and hello to the DISC.

Expected future events include volleyball camps, tournaments, training sessions, and adult leagues.  Other teams like UMD Lacrosse and Gitchi Gummi Soccer benefit from the practice space as well.  Updates such as MN North Volleyball sponsors proudly hanging their banners and a new building sign outside showcase new exciting changes.  With more events and tournaments scheduled, the building purchased bleachers for spectators and sport court flooring for volleyball games.

With numerous rooms geared towards fitness, Duluth Indoor Sports Center is more than just four courts.  Cross training, aerobic, Cybex, weight, and fitness rooms are under the courts available for members to use.  Fitness classes including yoga and PIYO will start this month. MN North Volleyball families and tennis enthusiasts are eligible for reduced-priced memberships, so families can work out while their children practice their sports.

Weekly tennis tips like this and more information about the new changes and happenings can be found on the new Duluth Indoor Sports Center Facebook Page.      

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