The Duluth Folk School: Fostering Creativity

Duluth Folk School


Meet Bryan French!


Bryan is the director and co-founder of the spectacular Duluth Folk School, Duluth’s very own community hub were creativity intertwines with practicality and a grassroots environment. Located at 1917 W Superior St. in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, the DFS seeks to equip people with real life skills while harboring the values necessary for community growth.


The Duluth Folk School's Mission

The Duluth Folk School brings people together to work with their hands, and to learn skills, arts, and crafts that help build a healthy, sustainable community through experiences that are stirring, long-lasting and fun!


“So… what exactly is a folk school?”

Great question! Traditionally speaking, a folk school is an area of learning where an emphasis is placed on handmade goods, homegrown passion, and a nurturing spirit of societal unity. Stemming from a Nordic worldview on craftsmanship, folk schools have spread across much of the U.S. in quite some fashion. What the Duluth Folk School does differently is add a strong level of fun and excitement that’s sure to leave a lasting impression!


Classes Offered

“Okay I’m listening, what’s offered at the DFS?”

From knitting to woodworking, learning the basics of kayaking, and even trying your hand at making your own Kimchi, the possibilities are endless! Classes are taught by a multitude of talented and accomplished instructors who are there to guide you along as you explore your options. Price ranges vary upon the activity, but each event is guaranteed to exceed your return on the investment.


But wait, there’s more! In addition to the classes being offered, the Duluth Folk School is working to add a café where coffee is freshly brewed and conversations cultivated. Live music is in store too, as well as a community kitchen and a marketplace that’s sure to encourage you to buy local.


Find Out More

“All of this sounds amazing! Where do I sign up?”


We knew we’d get you on board! You can check out more information about the Duluth Folk School by clicking on the link here:


Want to find out more about what classes are coming up? We’ve got you covered!


Work with your hands, build community, and have fun!


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