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Co-founded in 2013 by resident Duluthians Branden Robinson, Christopher Swanson, and Tom Livingston, “Destination Duluth was created to fill the need of educating the public about the qualities of Duluth as a ‘destination for life,'" Livingston shares. Robinson echoes this intent, adding, “We believe Duluth to be a world-class community, thanks to its natural, social and economic assets.”


Through a wealth of stories written by local residents and accompanied by amazing photography, we think you’ll immediately feel drawn to our city. And, as you continue to dig deeper, much like the first sparks of friendship often develop into love, we are pretty confident the feelings will grow. Maybe even enough to become a Duluthian yourself.

Contact the Destination Duluth Board Chair

Tom Livingston

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Livingston uses documentary storytelling to craft messages for regional, national and international nonprofits and foundations. Included in this body of work are documentaries for Leadership Foundations, Urban Ventures, Kenya Children’s Fund, and the Salvation Army. Crafting story from personal experiences characterize the majority of his film and video work.

Branden Robinson

Co-Founder, Board Member

Well respected professional with strong ties to the Duluth Superior hospitality community, Branden has been General Manager of Duluth’s South Pier Inn on the Canal Hotel. Brandon also sits on the boards of the Rotary Club of Duluth, Duluth Superior Hotel Motel Association and Hospitality Minnesota.

Christopher Swanson

Co Founder

In addition to being a founder and former board member for Destination Duluth, Chris is also the CEO of PureDriven and the mayor of Two Harbors. He's passionate about helping business' prove that digital marketing and advertising can create revenue and social engagement. When he's not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 children, playing soccer, golf or exploring the north shore.

Richard Hoeg

Board Chair

In the Spring of 2013, Rich Hoeg retired early from his Honeywell software project management role to remake himself as an outdoorsman / wildlife photographer. In the intervening years Rich has become known for his bird and night sky photography which has a northeastern Minnesota focus. His images have been featured by many regional and national media organizations.

Jerry Thoreson

Content Manager

Jerry is an independent Facebook and social media marketer. He currently manages content on over 50 pages for small businesses, most notably for Destination Duluth which has over 135,000 Facebook Likes, 20,000 Instagram followers with more than 35,000 photos hashtagged #destinationduluth. The content he curates for Destination Duluth Facebook page has a reach of 750,000 per week, with 7,000 daily engagements.

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