3 Things Duluth’s Nightlife Has That You Won’t Find In Big Cities


by Ingrid Hornibrook

This might be a strange post for a Monday evening. Especially when I just got home from skiing around Lake of the Isles, am listening to Miles Davis radio on Pandora, and am enjoying a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese (yes, I'm a 32 year old who still loves mac 'n cheese!), but one thing I'm really excited for when we're living in Duluth is its vibrant night life and the downtown Duluth scene. If you're heading up to Duluth in the coming weekends for a visit (perhaps to explore it as a relocation option!?) be sure to spend some time in downtown Duluth. Here are 4 things I think are great about Duluth's nightlife:

Because of the diverse demographic of Duluth, you can find pretty much anything you're looking for to keep you entertained. There's dancing for college students, stand up comedy for those who need a good laugh, many options for live music, great food, and craft beer as far as the eye can see. But, you know what, a city can have all of those things and more, but if the downtown district doesn't meet certain criteria it's not going to be worth it just to take in a little night life; at least for me. Here is what is going to get me out and about to enjoy a Saturday night on the town:


Rarely will you find a cover just to enter a bar. There may be a small cover if there is live music, but you won't be going out expecting to pay a cover just to sit and enjoy a beer. Also, compared to prices in bigger cities, you can expect to pay about a dollar or two less per drink. I almost fell out of my chair when I got a tab for my first $9 beer here in the cities! Also, if you need to cab it to or from your destination, you're not going to get stuck with a $20 cab bill. It's going to be more like $10, depending on where you're coming from. But, you could likely just walk to downtown anyway!


If I have to drive in order to go out, one thing that will keep me at home is the hassle of finding a place to park my car. There's also nothing worse than finally finding a parking spot and having to pay for it! Surprisingly, even though there are a ton of people out at night, it's not difficult to find a parking spot. The city has done an amazing job of incorporating ramps and creating plenty of parking spaces. Also, at least when I lived there, they stopped checking the meters after a certain time on Saturday and all day on Sunday. And since the city is so walkable, you can just park your car and walk everywhere all day and night until you're ready to go home.


Or lack thereof! When you go out at night in Duluth, there are certainly people out, but it's that perfect amount of people. You can almost always find a table, don't have to wait forever to get a drink, and if one place is too crowded, you're just a short walk away from another bar or restaurant.


Duluth is like a big small town. It's big enough to have a booming economy and be a great place to do business, but it's small enough to where you're likely to run into people you know. I miss that the most. Seeing familiar faces is what makes me feel at home in a place.

Aaron and I don't go out much living in the cities. Instead, we prefer to entertain at home or go to a friend's house. I don't know if that will change once we move, but we're both social people so it'll be nice to have the option! I'm looking forward to seeing you out!


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