10 years later, UMD Grad finds newer and better Duluth

Dr. Ross Perkoby Dr. Ross Perko
Pediatric Blood and Cancer doctor,

I moved back to Duluth in July of 2013 to take a dream job doing what I love and also to be able to live close to where I grew up on the Iron Range.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2002, and when I left I didn’t really ever imagine I would be back. I figured the closest I would get would be to eventually and in the Twin Cities working at one of the children’s hospitals due to the lack of an opportunity to pursue my field here. However, when my wife, our 2-week-old son and our dog walked into our house for the first time this summer, we had never felt so at home!

Duluth has changed so much in the last 10 years. It has become better! I am blown away by all the new businesses and developments and how the city invested in the things that make it great. Things like local, one of a kind businesses, expanding its options of healthcare to allow people to stay close to where they live and receive not only primary, but subspecialty care. I take joy in how Duluth built up in those things that make it great. Such as investing in the year round bike and running trails and increasing activities to do on or near the water. Even options to dine in or try a locally brewed beer are no longer only large chain restaurants, but one of a kind spots with incredible food and atmosphere. How about the new airport? What a way to welcome people to the city! So many great things have happened here and are continuing to pop up, and we are so glad to be finally home. We hope to be here a long time.

Dr. Ross Perko
Pediatric Blood and Cancer doctor

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