If Duluth feels like home,
it's because it could be.


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Destination Duluth is a comprehensive resource dedicated to educating the
public about the qualities of Duluth, Minnesota, to help shape the City's positive
population growth and ensure its future as a world-class community.

Destination Duluth: Accomplishing our mission

Dennis O'Hara


At Destination Duluth, our mission is simple:

We want to grow Duluth.

Many folks, “weekend warriors” if you will, travel to our fine city to escape long commutes, rush hour traffic, and suburban sprawl. They arrive as tourists, spending a weekend or two hiking our magnificent trails, catching a live musical performance, or sipping one of Duluth’s locally crafted beers or spirits.

Perhaps over the course of a single weekend they intuit what we locals have always known --- that Duluth is a treasure, a sparkling jewel in the crown of Minnesota’s Great Northwoods. From the deep azure mystery and inherent adventure found in Lake Superior to our world class arts and cultural scene, Duluth simply has it all.

Fully rested and rejuvenated, many visitors discover that their hearts belong in Duluth, and never want to leave this magical place. Have you had this feeling? Have you felt drawn to our city? Have you considered making Duluth your home?

Our goal is to help you do that.

Enter Destination Duluth

Co-founded in 2013 by resident Duluthians Branden Robinson, Christopher Swanson, and Tom Livingston, “Destination Duluth was created to fill the need of educating the public about the qualities of Duluth as a ‘destination for life,’” Livingston shares.

Robinson echoes this intent, adding, “We believe Duluth to be a world-class community, thanks to its natural, social and economic assets.”

Simply put, Destination Duluth is here to showcase all of the amazing things that make Duluth … well, Duluth. It's a phenomenal place to live, and we want to share it with the world. Through a wealth of stories written by local residents and accompanied by amazing photography, we hope to inspire you to become a Duluthian yourself.

How Destination Duluth Can Help You Come Home

With an abundance of great jobs, a healthy work-life balance, and natural beauty to spare, we are ready to achieve our mission of recruiting the next generation of Duluthians --- which could include you. Here are three ways we can help as you contemplate following your heart home to Duluth.

Step 1 Spend some time perusing this website and our Facebook pageDestination Duluth is chock full of stories such as “Why We Live Here,” along with insider information about Duluth’s parks and recreational opportunities, thriving arts scene, burgeoning reputation as a craft beer mecca, and more. Here, you’ll find many reasons why we love living here, and think you will, too.

We’ll also share event details, tips for navigating the city, and secrets only a local could tell you. And, there are photos, loads of spectacular photos, highlighting Duluth in all its glory.

Step 2 Wondering if a life-changing move is really viable? We share success stories, proving that it is definitely possible to take the plunge and relocate. We hope to inspire you through features like “Coming Home,” which highlight stories of people who have already taken the leap and relocated to Duluth, and are living a life they love.

Step 3 And when you are ready to make your move, you’ll find here at Destination Duluth great local resources. This is where you’ll find guidance on the nitty-gritty details of moving here, including job-hunting, home-buying, outdoor adventures, activities for kids, and plenty more.

Duluth’s Future and You

We at Destination Duluth truly believe that Duluth’s best and brightest days are ahead. And we want you to join us here while the rest of the world catches up.   

“Duluth has a wonderful history which must be remembered and celebrated,” Robinson shares. “But there is a new chapter unfolding before us, one that celebrates the past, yet embraces opportunities for the future. The first step is welcoming and encouraging people to plant their roots right here in the Zenith City.”

Duluth can definitely be a destination for life --- YOUR destination for life.

Are you ready to #befromDuluth?

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Whatever Your Career Aspirations, This Organization Can Help



Ah, work. Whether you love it or loathe it, earning money is just one of those things you gotta do. While many of us dread the daily grind, work becomes much more bearable when you’re doing something you’re good at, or, dare I say, actually enjoy.

Today, we’ll introduce you to NORTHFORCE – a regional workforce development organization helping people become happily employed in the Northland. Whether you’re relocating to Duluth, or are a long-time resident looking for a new gig, NORTHFORCE can help match you with your perfect career.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Developed and managed by APEX and Northspan economic development groups, NORTHFORCE is a regional workforce development initiative that officially launched in February 2014. Ian Vincent - Marketing Coordinator for NORTHFORCE, shares, “With our aging population and growing economy, it was apparent that our communities needed help filling the 25,000 new jobs that will exist here over the next decade.”

NORTHFORCE tracks and posts career and internship opportunities in the region, including the North Shore of Minnesota, the Iron Range, the Twin Ports, and Northwestern Wisconsin. Along with hosting these career opportunities, they also match candidates in their database with these jobs.

Since its inception, NORTHFORCE has attracted 4,200 users, and celebrated 120 successful job placements. Individuals interested in being matched or kept up-to-date with opportunities in their desired field can create free profiles and upload resumes at northforce.org.

Help for Duluth Transplants

NORTHFORCE offers a wide range of services for anyone looking to live and work in Duluth and the surrounding region. Communication Specialist Josie Strom shares, “Some people hop on our website to create a profile, upload their resume, and find the perfect job for them based on factors such as their areas of interest or how far they want to commute each day.”

“Others,” she continues, “Would like a second set of eyes to glance over their resume, or are new to the area and need an introduction to a specific Duluth company. No matter what a job seeker’s needs are, we can help them - or at least point them in the right direction.”

Partnerships with Local Colleges

NORTH FORCE is also dedicated to recent graduates and young professional placement and retention. While maintaining close relationships with regional college and university career service counselors, the team has played a key role in the Lake Superior College Strategic Planning sessions, regularly presented to college classes, and continued to advocate for internship opportunities for regional students and grads.

NORTHFORCE’s latest endeavor, Mentor Connection, has been among its most successful. A partnership with the University of Minnesota-Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica, the program is flourishing. With over 55 industry-specific pairs of college students matched with local professionals, these mentees and mentors participate in events dedicated to building the mentees’ professional networking skills and personal connections to the community. Mentors also gain coaching and leadership skills along the way.

Tips for Landing Your Perfect Job

“When we hear about success stories,” Strom says, “A common thread seems to be that the person landed the job because they really researched the place where they wanted to work before they applied. Make it clear during the interview why you ARE (not would be, not might be) a great fit for that specific organization. If you’re enthusiastic and can really visualize yourself in a specific role, your interviewer will have a hard time giving the job to anyone else.”

“And, when it comes to landing that interview in the first place, be sure your resume is tailored and flawless (especially spelling and grammar) before you apply. A simple oversight can cost you the job, even if you’re completely qualified.”

Whether your perfect job is a 9-5 with full bennies, or a freelance gig with funky perks, consider checking out NORTHFORCE - Duluth’s matchmaker for jobs!

To learn more, create a free profile, or upload your resume, please visit northforce.org.

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Home Buying, Duluth-Style

Anna Hansmeyer


So, you’ve finally decided to join us, and #befromDuluth? Excellent choice! Buying a home here automatically gives you some skin in the game, ensuring a deep personal and financial investment in this amazing community.

Today, we talk to local Re/Max real estate agent Brok Hansmeyer. With over ten years’ experience as an agent and a Duluthian himself, Hansmeyer is a great resource for home buying in the Zenith City. He fills us in on some unique facts and figures to keep in mind when purchasing your own little slice of paradise … right here in Duluth!

Old Stock

Hansmeyer shares that many of Duluth’s homes are old. We’re talking early 1900’s, and sometimes even late 1800’s. But, that’s one of the things Duluthians love most.

“Duluth has a super old housing stock,” Hansmeyer says. “Most of the houses here are three bedroom traditionals, with hardwood floors and loads of character. There are certainly brand-new homes, but that generally means a price tag of $300,000+, which is on the higher side of sale prices for this area.”

While this vintage aesthetic often clashes with the modern trends shown on HGTV, such as open floor plans and massive kitchens, it’s classic Duluth. If you’re into old-school character and charm, Duluth is a goldmine of opportunity. You can snap up a fixer upper special on the cheap, renovate it up yourself, and live happily ever after in your neighborhood of choice. 

And, speaking of neighborhoods …

East Side, West Side, Lakeside, Hillside

Duluth has an interesting layout, with each part of town offering its own unique appeal. Stretching from Fond du Lac and Gary out west to Lakeside and Lester Park in the east, Duluth also spans both up and downhill.

The hillside is sprinkled with Piedmont and the Heights, cascading sharply downtown, finally landing on the sandy shores of Park Point. Our city has even been referred to as the “San Francisco of the Midwest” due to its unique water-to-hilltop topography.

While Lakeside, Woodland, Chester Park, Congdon, Hunter’s Park and Kenwood are pretty much always booming, there are plenty of other cool neighborhoods on the rise. “Right now, there is a lot of buzz about Lincoln Park, with its new craft district,” Hansmeyer says. “If I were to bet on the most revitalization and potential for increase in value over the next ten years, it’d be Lincoln Park.”

Neighborhood Attractions

How can you possibly pick a favorite, when they’re ALL so amazing?! At Destination Duluth, we love them all, but here are some specific enticements to keep in mind.

Duluth’s Far West neighborhoods (Norton Park, Gary, Smithville, and Fond du Lac) are attractive due to their accessibility to the St. Louis River, Jay Cooke State Park, and the Munger Trail. The Lake Superior Zoo is also found on the West side.

Lakeside, Lester Park and Congdon out East all provide super convenient access to the Lakewalk, Brighton Beach, Seven Bridges Road, Tischer Creek and Lester Park.

Piedmont and the Heights are known for their amazing views of the hillside and the Big Lake. Think amazing sunrises and sunsets.

And on Park Point, life is literally a beach! Enough said.

All provide quick access to the excitement of downtown or a spin up the hill to run some errands.


As of this writing, you can buy a quality home in Duluth for anywhere from $100k to well over a million bucks. Lakeside homes, for instance, range from about $125,000 to $240,000, with higher price points in the Hawk Ridge development.

In Chester Park, $110,000 to $160,000 will get you a solid three bedroom, one bath traditional. And, in Woodland, the range is about $150,000 - $225,000.


Hansmeyer shares that his favorite resources for Duluth real estate include Realtor.com, Trulia.com, and Zillow, featuring the trendy value-tracking “Zillow Zestimate.” Agentfinder.com is a great referral-based site to help you find an agent.

Bottom line: no matter what neighborhood you’re considering, you’re golden. “Duluth is so accessible,” Hansmeyer says. “You can get downtown to work or play within about ten or fifteen minutes, whether you’re coming from Denfeld, Lakeside, or over the hill.” Duluth is filled with great neighborhoods! 

Your New City: By the Numbers 

Your area code: (218)

Your zip code: 55802, 55803, 55804, 55805, 55806, 55807, 55808, 55810, 55811, or 55812

Your Mayor: Emily Larson

Your Time Zone: CST

Duluth population: 86,283

Duluth record temps: -41 and 93

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Passing on Duluth's Values to the Next Generation


Duluth Heritage Center Banner Unveiling 2017 from Swiftkurrent on Vimeo.

Commitment. Courage. Honor. Hard Work. Integrity. Sportsmanship. Team Work. Dedication.

These eight values, combined with compelling images of athletes in motion, are proudly displayed on eight brand-new banners at the Essentia Health Duluth Heritage Sports Center (EHDHSC). The banners, commissioned from talented local artist Tim Cortes, represent the standards of conduct that went into building the facility ten years ago, as well as the much hoped-for end goal intended for the kids who play here.

“These eight beliefs aren’t just words on a page,” says Patrick Francisco, Chairman of the DHSC Foundation. “They are truly the values that drive the people living in this community.”

It Began with a Vision

While the EHDHSC is the proud home for three Duluth high school hockey teams, it is so much more. Here, you can play soccer, lacrosse, take a yoga class, or even rent the facility for a birthday party. “This is a community place,” Francisco shares.

It all started when Duluth’s Peterson Arena burned down in 2004. While this left a huge hole in the community, and one less place to get out on the ice, Francisco and others knew that if it was to be rebuilt, the community deserved something more than simply a replacement.

The result of a $20 million-dollar investment, completed with a shocking 70% of its construction costs handled by private funding, the facility opened its doors in 2007. Today, this multi-use community facility is home to the Dave Goldberg branch of the Boys & Girls Club, Duluth Area Hockey Association (DAHA), two 200 X 85’ hockey rinks (Sill & Seitz Arenas), Giuliani Hall, the City of Duluth’s Recreation Program, and more.

A Healthy Partnership

In June 2016, Essentia Health, a health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Idaho, and headquartered in Duluth, became a major community partner with the Duluth Heritage Sports Center and the health system’s name was added to the facility name.

This partnership opened the door to many more programming options at the EHDHSC, including multi-generational, community wellness education programs to foster youth development, family education, senior health, healthy living, and social responsibility.

For instance, free community yoga classes are now held at the EHDHSC. It also hosts health and wellness activities like concussion prevention, smoking cessation, and flu shot booths.

“The facility has breathed new life into the neighborhood and surrounding community,” says Essentia Health CEO David Herman, MD. “At Essentia Health, our mission is to make a healthy difference in the lives of the people we serve and that commitment is shared by those who lead the EHDHSC. Because of that, the partnership is a perfect fit for Essentia.”

Focus on the Athletes

The health and safety of the athletes who play at EHDHSC are the top priority of everyone involved. “We’re privileged to work with 250 Northland teams and 25,000 student-athletes as the Official Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Team for four local universities and 15 area high schools,” says Kristi Schmidt, Essentia Chief Marketing & Communications Officer.

“We provide care before, during and after both practices and games. Working together, we prevent, diagnose and treat everything from minor sprains to injuries that could end a student-athlete’s season. We’re committed to keeping student athletes like the Duluth East Greyhounds, the Proctor Rails, the Denfeld Hunters, the Hermantown Hawks and the Superior Spartans, just to name a few, healthy and in the game.”

Hockey and So Much More

Beyond hockey and the community education programming offered through Essentia, there is something for everyone at the EHDHSC. Summer sports programs, soccer, lacrosse, and open skating are all part of the fun. Dog shows, flea markets, auto shows, and activities for ISD 709 have all taken place inside the facility. And, of course, the Clyde Iron Works restaurant is directly next door; a convenient option for hungry hockey players and their parents.

But, above all, the EHDHSC is a place where a child, no matter their socioeconomic status or background, is welcomed and accepted. Here, while they play, they learn the bedrock of Duluth’s values, including commitment, courage, honor, hard work, integrity, sportsmanship, team work, and dedication. “The EHDHSC is simply Duluth’s heart on display,” Francisco says.

DHSC - Short from Miles Hanon on Vimeo.

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High School Theater Rocks!

Brandon Wagner

I love theater! Whether it is a local middle school production of Seussical or Hamilton on Broadway (yep, I saw it with the original cast), the magic of theater always captures my heart, soul, and imagination.

As a high school and community theater director in Duluth for over thirty years, I have seen all of the wondrous things that happen when you gather a group of talented performers and designers together and starting from a bare stage move to a glittering opening night.

Duluth’s two high schools, Denfeld and East, both have active theater programs, as does the Duluth Playhouse with their teen program. For this piece, I had a chance to chat with Peter Froehlingsdorf who has directed at East for the past four years and produced twelve shows.

He says, “I am honored to be a high school theater director at East. The success of the productions speaks highly to the quality of educational programs the students are receiving from our public school educators. Families considering a move to Duluth have a great number of opportunities within our system to choose from. The theater program being just one of many programs for their kids to find success!”

Part of their theater season at East is to do a full-scale musical. Their show this past fall was Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

“This was truly a community event. We had huge crowds turn out, filling over 700 seats at East High School four nights in a row. Not only was I busting with pride, but so were the students, parents, and faculty at East!” Froehlingsdorf says.

Besides entertaining audiences, high school theater helps kids to find their niche, a smaller place in the midst of a big high school that can help them make friends and develop their talents at the same time.

“This past fall, I had two sisters new to East participate in “Beauty and the Beast.” After the show was over, their parents expressed that it was because of the experience their girls had in our theater program, that the tone for their year was set. They felt they immediately had a place they fit in, found friends who they shared a common interest with, and a sense of community to turn to,” Froehlingsdorf says.

He adds, “I have to say, that the goal I had in mind was to make the program something the school could really be proud of, something that was not just for the theater kids, but for everyone, the students, the school district, and the community.  It has become just that.”

There is also a carryover into the community theater programs. Froehlingsdorf notes, “Speaking locally, I have many students who participate in both the high school theater and the local Playhouse shows and classes. It’s rewarding to see students enjoy the theater outside of their high school program. Duluth certainly has plenty of theatrical outlets for these students to try if they want to!”

Whether you are the proud parent of a “theater kid” in a show or an appreciative audience member being wowed at the level of talent onstage, high school theater is a vibrant part of the rich cultural tapestry that Duluth has to offer.

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Find Your People Here


What does community mean?  It can be defined as a group of people who live in the same physical location, like Duluth.  It can also mean a group of people who share common interests.  For example, perusing a local events calendar, I saw an announcement for a dulcimer jam session, which brings together folks who admire the uniquely shaped stringed instruments.  Come to find out, Duluth has a flourishing dulcimer scene.

Duluth is made up of many passionate people who come together around their shared interest in a particular subject or practice. I was struck when our family moved to Duluth years ago by how quickly it felt like home. One of the reasons was how easy it was to find events, clubs, organizations, and businesses of interest.

Weaving Friendships

For instance, I weave.  With the help of Google, I found the Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild, with a full weaving studio. Here I have met the most supportive and knowledgeable weavers who inspire me to create as well as several whom I now consider close friends.

Indeed, community groups are where we form friendships and connections that enrich our lives, as well expand our skills. Finding a community of people with a shared passion deepens our sense of place and helps us feel we belong.

What's Your Passion?

Chances are you’ll find like-minded folks with which to connect, interact, share, and help in Duluth.  Here are a few examples.

  • New parent? Hike It Baby Duluth offers family-friendly group hikes in Duluth’s many parks and green spaces.
  • Enjoy tying flies?  The Great Lakes Fly Shop holds a monthly Beer n’ Bugs fly-tying event that is open to the public.
  • Is paddling your passion?  Join the Dragon boat club and build team spirit on a 43-foot boat.

The list goes on and on.

Duluth is a vibrant community with groups of people who follow their passion, whatever it may be.  Make Duluth your destination for life and find your people here.

--- Kristina Bourne and her family meet the most interesting and passionate people while hiking on local trails, volunteering with community groups, and simply walking around downtown.  She writes about these encounters and more on her family outdoor blog, Outside In Duluth.

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A Flightless Bird (and a Whole Lot More) Soars


The Twin Ports is probably best known for a couple things: undisputed beauty and its postindustrial economic apocalypse. In the 1980s, it once sported the billboard, “Will the last one leaving Duluth please turn out the light?”

But the light remained on and recently you’ve likely heard it buzzing, sparking even.

I’ve long held that the distance between the Twin Ports and the Twin Cities isn’t just measured in mileage. There’s something nearly quantifiable in the attitude spread. Perhaps in a place with fewer cubicles to fill, the entrepreneurs and creatives have more space to stretch out; do their thing.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Writer James Fallows in a recent Atlantic magazine feature highlighted Duluth in his article about rebounding America. He cited industry leaders such as Cirrus Design, Loll, Epicurean and our high quality of life — as noted by our hard fought Outside Magazine award win. (It was worth the callus on our clicking finger, as we’ve been on more  “Top Places to Visit” lists than ever.)

But Duluth is more than jobs and accomplishments. It always has been. There’s a certain forgiveness for late onset adulthood here. Some of us have avoided it altogether, pursuing art, music, sport, a passion — and our city is lucky to have its citizenry recognized for it. Musician Gealynn Lea wowed us by winning the NPR’s  2016 Tiny Desk Contest taking her fiddle to the national stage. Also sharing the spotlight is our own Rachael Kilgour, bringing home 14th Annual NewSong Showcase & Competition Finals to play at Lincoln Center in New York City. And that’s just to mention two.

In Locally Laid, a memoir about starting our so-named egg farm, I write about Duluth like it’s a character, like a friend of mine. And one that’s been vital to our success. It felt like the community saw in us the same “unlikely to succeed” under doggedness as Duluth itself. We became the little chicken that could — the flightless bird that soared.

All these business and artists might have been able to succeed elsewhere, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t want to move to find out.

--- Lucie Amundsen is the author of the book, Locally Laid: How We Built a Plucky, Industry-changing Egg Farm — from Scratch. 

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Grandma’s Marathon: Architect of Our Fitness Culture


Every year on a special weekend in June, a distinctive magic falls over Duluth that can only mean one thing: it’s time for Grandma’s Marathon! The culmination of months and months of work - arduous training for the athletes, and meticulous planning by staff and volunteers - all comes down to this.

As the final pieces of Grandma’s Marathon fall into place, we can’t help but reflect on how this race, which started with just a tiny group of local runners, has put Duluth on the map as an international athletic destination. It has also helped prime the pump for further accolades, including a “Fittest City” ranking from Fitbit!

A Little History

Grandma’s Marathon began in 1977 when a group of local runners planned a scenic road race from Two Harbors to Duluth. There were only 150 participants that year, but organizers knew they were on to something special.

The race got its name from the Duluth-based group of Grandma’s Restaurants, the first major Marathon sponsor. Grandma’s Marathon is now a self-governed nonprofit organization with a 17-member board of directors.

A Global Draw

Runners from all over the world now travel to Duluth to participate in Marathon festivities. In 2017, 40 countries and all 50 states were represented.

The Grandma’s “family” has grown over the years, and now includes three races: The full Marathon, the Garry Bjorklund ½ Marathon, and the William A. Irvin 5k. Grandma’s weekend draws more than 18,000 participants for this three-race trifecta each June. Runners and residents alike also enjoy the pre- and post-race festivities, including the spaghetti dinner and the Big Top Tents, featuring live music and plenty of ice-cold beer.

Grandma’s Impact on Duluth

Whether examining the impact on our economy or the growth of Duluth’s reputation for fitness, Grandma’s Marathon has contributed so much. Executive Director - Grandma’s Marathon, Shane Bauer, shares,

“Grandma’s Marathon highlights the best of what this community has to offer. It has so much to do with the people. We hear all the time that runners hold our event in such high regard because of how the community shows up to support it, unlike anywhere else they run. You always hear about the economic impact, the scenery, the party, and all that good stuff, but I especially enjoy hearing all the positive feedback about our volunteers and this community.”

Running Stores

Duluth features several shops selling shoes and other merchandise catering specifically to runners: Austin-Jarrow, Duluth Running Company, and Tortoise & Hare Footwear.  Duluth Running Company and Tortoise & Hare also offer training groups and yoga for runners. The popularity of Grandma’s Marathon has played a large part in creating the demand for these types of businesses.   

Duluth as a Fitness Destination

In 2016, Duluth earned top honors as the “Fittest City" in the country by the makers of Fitbit. Data including daily steps, active minutes, resting heart rate and sleep duration were compiled from more than 10 million users of their Fitbit trackers.

We’re sure our local Marathoners played a large part in boosting our stats!

Hometown Pride

Grandma’s Marathon is a huge draw to Duluth for visitors, and a source of hometown pride for residents. If you’ve never heard the scream of spectators as the runners make their way down London Road, or seen the elation on the athletes’ faces as they cross the finish line, you’re in for a treat. 

“To see Duluth among the list of our country’s biggest and greatest marathons really elevates this region in more ways than we can measure,” Bauer says. “I love the pride this community has in the event, and I know it’ll never get old to come over that hill to the home of Grandma’s Marathon.”

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Getting Around, An Insider's Guide


There’s no doubt about it, Duluth is on the move. Many of our roads have bike lanes, which are used year-round by fat tire bike enthusiasts to commute to work. There is a cozy skywalk system downtown to keep you warm and safe when roaming around with your own two feet. We even have Uber and Lyft.

Furthermore, we have a newly-renovated international airport, as well as a state of the art transportation center where you can catch a bus or take a shuttle to get outta dodge.

Today we’ll introduce you to several super convenient ways of getting around town and places afar. What are we waiting for? Let’s hit the road!


Duluth offers bus services through Greyhound, Skyline Shuttle (offering daily service from Duluth to MPLS/St. Paul and back, with several stops in between), and the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) bus line. All depart from the brand-new Duluth Transportation Center, located downtown.

Duluth’s DTA bus service is comfy, safe, and convenient. And in the winter, riding the bus allows you to avoid the tasks of scraping your windshield or warming up your car.

Sophia Parr, Director of Planning for the DTA, shares, “The DTA runs 23 fixed routes throughout Duluth and Superior. Additionally, the DTA operates a grocery express route running from Downtown Duluth to the West Duluth Super One and a Trolley service in Canal Park during the summer, with stops at all the major tourist destinations.

She continues, “Riding the DTA bus is a convenient and safe choice for all types of riders. Whether you are traveling to work in the downtown area, going across the bridge to Superior or trying to get to the mall, the DTA provides opportunities for people to travel all across the city.”

And, if you are a college student or military veteran, make sure to inquire about getting yourself a free or discounted bus pass!

Airline Travel

Going by the IATA code DLH, Duluth International Airport offers flights from United & Delta. Delta provides direct daily service to MPLS/St. Paul, and United offers direct service to Chicago. With nonstop service to these two major hubs along with thousands of connections, you can walk into the Duluth International Airport and emerge at virtually any destination around the world.

The DLH passenger terminal was recently named in memory of beloved late U.S. Representative James. L. Oberstar. Congressman Oberstar, the son of an iron miner from Chisholm, Minnesota, served for 36 years — 18 terms from 1975 to 2011 — as a representative from northern Minnesota. One of the lasting legacies from his time in office was his focus and commitment to the transportation industry.

Car rentals

If you’re renting a car, you have several choices. Alamo, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and National all have a presence here in Duluth. You can arrange pickup and drop off right at the airport, or else Enterprise offers another convenient location on Central Entrance.

Rideshare and Taxi Service

While taxi cab services are still available, Uber and Lyft have also come onboard. Using a phone app is an easy and convenient way to hitch a ride around town.

Inclement Weather? Snow Problem!

Whether you’re just in town for a weekend, or planning to become a permanent resident, Duluth offers plenty of transportation options to suit your needs. And, despite winters featuring plenty of snow and ice, we don’t let silly snowstorms stand in the way of getting where we need to go. Our awesome snowplow operators are on the job night and day, keeping our roadways safe and clear. Usually, transportation services only shut down when the weather is impossibly, hazardously treacherous.

As the unofficial motto of the United States Post Office says, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

I officially propose this as Duluth’s new creed!

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What People Are Talking About

Dennis O'Hara


Do you hear it? There's a buzz happening about Duluth. We’ve been hearing unbelievably positive commentary from around the country about our food, our scenery, our recreation. So, basically, all things Duluth. 

Today, Destination Duluth will explore some of the attention we’re getting in other places.

Outdoor Adventures

Star Tribune: Outside Mag names Duluth “Best Town Ever” (August 2014)

Summary: Duluth trumped a whole bunch of other cool cities for this amazing accolade and this story explains why.

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth graces the cover of Outside magazine's 'Best Towns Ever' issue (August 2014)

Summary: This is our hometown paper. Duluth is amazed that we made the cover! Story includes a few comments from former Mayor Don Ness.

Outside Magazine: Best Towns 2014 – Mountain Biking Duluth (March 2014)

Summary: A minute and a half long video of awesome mountain biking footage, narrated by Rudy O’Brien

National Geographic: America’s 20 Best Mountain Bike Towns (May 2017)

Summary: Nat Geo explores the Duluth Traverse, Lester Park, Hartley Park, Mission Creek, Spirit Mountain, and Piedmont-Brewer Park biking systems, and explains what makes them great.

Duluth’s Image

The Atlantic: How America is putting itself back together … Most people in the U.S. believe their country is going to hell. But they’re wrong. What a three-year journey by single-engine plane reveals about reinvention and renewal (March 2016)

Summary: The story highlights some cool cities and the great things they’re doing, after our country experienced some horrible events (mass shootings, economic downturns, bouts of extreme poverty). Highlights Duluth’s great job opportunities (Cirrus, etc.), year-round recreation, and amazing quality of life.

Star Tribune: Duluth enjoying a new image, long in the making (August 2015)

Summary: Total rah-rah cheerleader article about Duluth from tip to tail. A collaboration of accolades Duluth has received, and how its image has been reborn.

General Duluth Awesomeness

Star Tribune: How Duluth became the outdoor capital of the Midwest (April 2017)

Summary: A rundown of Duluth’s awesomeness, including: Picturesque panoramas (Hawk Ridge, the Duluth Traverse), locally crafted beverages (Bent Paddle, Vikre) other cool hotspots (seeing Glensheen from the outside, Pier B, the Lakewalk, Canal Park).

Outside online: Why Duluth is the Best Town in America (August 2014)

Summary: Rundown of everything that makes Duluth great: local beer, outdoor activities, and the birthplace of Bob Dylan.

Food and Drink

Star Tribune: Destination, Duluth: What's new in dining that you don't want to miss (June 2016)

Summary: Several Duluth hotspots are highlighted and dissected: Duluth’s Best Bread, Duluth Coffee Company, Vikre, Pickwick, Grandma’s, Brewhouse, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Duluth Grill, Burrito Union, and options up the shore

One Fit City

Gadgets and Wearables.com - Fitness tracker data reveals the fittest cities in America (May 2017)

Summary: Fitbit ranks Duluth #1!

In Closing

Well, clearly we’ve given ‘em something to talk about. From our food and drink to our outdoor adventures, and even our connection to Bob Dylan, Duluth has got it goin’ on.

And, that, folks, is what people are talking about.

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